The Revolving Audience has prepared 8 shows in total for the season of 2014.

12th of June – 28th of June The theatre will be introducing the Three Musqueteers. The beginning will be at 9:30pm.

17th of June – 20th of June The Travels around the world is an action and comedy show for the whole family, going from 10am.

1st of June – 13th of July The drama Decameron , a famous piece of art from the renaissance poet Giovanni Boccaccio. The beginning of the performance is at 9:30 pm.

17th of June –  26th of July. The Revolving Theatre will be introducing the famous opera Rusalka from Antonín Dvořák and that from 9:30 pm.

27th of June – 9th of August. A magical immortal fairy tale story Divotvorný hrnec from 8:30 pm.

31st of June – 30th of August. Pták Ohnivák and the fox Zorro will be introduces always at 4 pm.

12th of August – 30th of August. A famous comedy of dell´arte directed by Jiří Menzel „Sluha dvou pánů“ will amuse you from 8:30 pm and some dates starting later from 9:30 pm.

21st of August – 23rd of August. Everyday from 8:30 pm the passionate story about Carmen and Don José will be taking place in the revolving theater.


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