Fishing Harvest

In the country with 21 thousand ponds people just cannot imagine the autumn without traditional fish harvest. The Czech Republic is known as the country with one of the largest freshwater fish production in the EU. Despite the modern technological progress, the fishing is done manually in the traditional way.

At the break of dawn the men dressed in waterproof coats and high Wellington boots step in the cold waters of South Bohemian ponds and spread the fishing nets so that later they could pull them back, full of fish. The fish are then moved to the storage basins, located on the pond bank where they are sold to local people. The carps are kept till Christmas – the Czechs cannot imagine a typical Christmas dinner without fried carp and potato salad.

In case you wish to see the fish harvest with your own eyes you can send an e-mail to demand the info about the time and location of the fishing harvest currently taking place in our region.

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